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  1. Hey folks,

    I'm driving down to Hamilton on Friday after work (around 3pm - 4pm, 3pm preferred). I'll be going to the MMW/Duo shows on Saturday night and driving back to Ottawa on Sunday afternoon/evening.

    I'm supposed to give a buddy a ride, but I haven't heard from him in a while and my g.f. is driving back with me on Sunday.

    I drive a Ranger extended cab so there are two 'jump seats' behind the front seats. Upsides: I've got space for one, maybe two and the truck is a 4x4 so we won't be getting stuck in snow-banks. Downsides: The jumpseats may be a bit cramped and its a truck so it ain't easy on gas.

    There's also a cap on the back to keep everyone's gear dry. And, if the jump-seats prove to be insanity-inducing, someone can always nest in the back with sleeping bags etc. if they feel comfortable with the idea...

    I can offer a ride 100% to the first taker. 2nd response will have to wait until tomorrow evening for confirmation (after I've gone looking for the dude from paragraph 2)...

    Post a reply if yer interested - I'll see that before I check my pm.


  2. I'll be going from Ottawa. I may have to fly to Hamilton first though so nothing is certian ride wise. However, if its getting uncomfortably close to Friday next week and you don't have a ride, drop me a pm - I may be driving...

  3. Hey Folks,

    I’m fairly new to this board. I’ve made a couple of posts but haven’t generally had a lot to say. I do enjoy the vibe on this site quite a bit, though – sounds like some really stellar folk. Now I’ve got a question for the Ottawa contingent…

    I’m assuming that a lot of you play music as well as appreciate it. I’ve been trying to assemble a few people to get a regular jam going. I think it’ll be pretty cool if it comes together and who knows where it could go. The line up would roughly be: drums, (hand) percussion, bass, guitar, keys, flute/clarinet, free-form (female) vocals, and maybe some trumpet (the keys player is multi talented). What I have in mind is some goa/funk/acid-jazz influenced jamming.

    I’ve got most of the people lined up but there are a couple of problem points. The flute/clarinet player lives out of town so jam frequency may be limited. The guitar player may be flaking out. The drummer has no regular kit (I’ve got a loaner lined up in the mean time) and we could use another percussionist. Not much can be done about the distance for the flute/clarinet player, so I think we’ll just let that fly unless it really becomes a problem.

    Do any of you guys play, or know guitar players or drummers who may be interested in this sort of project?

    The only caveat is that this is a bit of an experiment. I’ve only really jammed with two of the people involved so it may go somewhere – it may not…

    If you're interested or have any ideas I'd like to hear them. If anyone wants a serious chat about the details, pm me through this site.

    Even if nothing comes of it, thanks for reading

  4. The ticketbastard price winds up being $39 after the taxes, postal and lube.

    Koolhaus isn't pre-selling any tix - they'll tell you to call ticketbastard.

    I'm not sure if they'll sell out, but I'm travelling for the show so I bought in advance.

    Haven't heard anything about elmo tix.

    There is also going to be a pretty kickin' party near the junction starting up around 3am.

  5. This didn't happen to me but remains my favourite ever.

    My buddy was shovelling his driveway one winter morning. Two dudes in a VW Golf come tearing up next to him and jump out wearing balaclavas and carrying shovels. They then attacked his driveway with incredible zeal.

    After the shovelling was done, they left him without saying a word...

  6. Hey Bokonon,

    I had those exact same thoughts for quite a while. However, think about the people who are having litters of 4 - 10 kids and what values they'll be teaching those kids.

    I'm not advocating a large brood (I personally think my genes are worthy of one progeny, then adoption to keep the kid from getting single kid syndrome), but I'd hate to see environmentalists bred out of existence by virtue of our own forethought...

    Just a thought.

  7. I heard an interesting prediction this morning:

    A co-worker's husband expects an assassination attempt on Bush before the four years are up.

    great! then Cheney gets to rule the world. Chew on that one.

    Doesn't he already?

    Anyway $0.02...

    - American politics are going to futhur polarize.

    - The rift between the haves and have-nots will increase.

    - The have-nots won't notice as they are too busy listening to their ministers and Bill O'Reilly

    - If they blame anyone, it will continue to be the threat from terrorists

    - American arrogance on the world stage will get worse (now that Bush's last four years have been validated)


  8. Depends who they're selling to and if the buyers are coming to town to purchase. That kind of quantity isn't usually sold to the type of people I like to hang around.

    That, of course, opens up another can of worms on the illegal nature of the biz. Legalize the lot of it and you would knock a huge amount of violent crime out of the BIG business side of it...

    My $0.02

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