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If you bought summer tour tickets from me

Phil McCraken

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YA ! and he means it too! fuckers ! lazy f'ing freeloaders! who do you think you are?!! taking advantage of poor graham!!

it'll cost ya! i swear i can hear the meter running on those tickets! ding ! 10 cents! ding ding !! -- whoa there's another 20 cents! that interest costs people, dont' you know that?

What are you CRAZY or something ?!!! Think you can just get a guy to order tickets for you then just leave him standing there holding them !??!!! jeeezez H christ ! I just CAN'T BELIEVE IT !!

Just pay the poor guy!

(ha ha, just kidding -- sorry -- i just really enjoyed the rant!)

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I paid for mine with a $40 DVD.

(However, I think I owe maybe...10-15 dollars to even it out.)

DVD, by the way, is the future of currency.

Everything on the free market will be bought and sold with DVD currency. Even Parker Brothers is planning on updating Monopoly to utitize the new DVD currency. DVDpoly will be the new name.

Here is an example of daily life in the future...

Customer: "Can you break a Fish Called Wanda?"

Storekeep: "I am pleased to be reminding you to kindly not put your dirty digies on my krispy kremes. Thank you, come again."

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