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  1. Outside the Mike's Groove I found that set very lackluster. In fact I thought it was the worst second set of the entire run so far. The whole band has been sloppy for all three shows, but I really enjoyed the Piper, Julius, 2001, Bowie and Boogie On last night. Made for a really fun set in my opinion.
  2. I have only been able to catch the second sets of these shows, but I thought last night was the best of the three.
  3. Think some on this board would like this. All done with photographs. Superball IX
  4. I just grabbed a pair off of ticketmaster!! WICKED!
  5. From PT: Source: OTS DFC Sennheiser ME66 (PAS) > Lunatech V3 > optical line input > MBP > Ustream @ 44.1
  6. What I liked about Band of Brothers was that you got to see the characters becomes soldiers. It kind of threw me off that the characters were thrown into battle almost immediately in the Pacific. The battle scenes have been way more chaotic so far in this series as well. Just wave after wave of Japanese until the scene cuts to the next day and all the soldiers are lying there exhausted. That being said, I liked episode 3 and feel the series is going in the right direction.
  7. CC has been charged, but still no confirmation email.
  8. Remember kids, it's only wrong if you get caught! Roll-modeling 101 with Dr.Bouchard PHD (pretty hypocritical dude)
  9. Sorry I re-read your original post. You pull no punches about your disdain for womens hockey and I respect that.
  10. Did you drink some beer and watch the game last night?
  11. I love how a few photographs of women smoking cigars and drinking beer has caused a bunch of grown men to go from celebrating a gold medal win to realizing that women's hockey is, in fact, stupid and the players are bitches. Go Canada!
  12. So you were annoyed by the fact that the players were playing by the rules of the game?
  13. I agree with everything NW says here. Unless of course someone points out that in fact I don't. If backed into a corner however, my official answer is I lie somewhere in the middle.
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