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[color:#660099]'Sopranos' to return for 5th season

TV producer David Chase will reportedly be singing soprano for

a fifth season.

The Hollywood Reporter says Chase has gone against

previous suggestions that the fourth season of "The Sopranos" would be the mob

soap-opera's finale and is pondering an additional run of the wildly popular


The Hollywood Reporter said Chase, the series' creator, is

currently in talks with HBO and Brad Grey Television to commit to yet another

season of the series, which is to begin production on a fourth season in


But James Gandolfini, who plays the pivotal role of New Jersey

mob boss Tony Soprano, has apparently not committed to an encore season of the

show, and none of the parties involved would comment on the likelihood of

Gandolfini returning to the show for season five, The Hollywood Reporter said.

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thanks for the kind-of great news mike......

i will watch it as long as it's on.....but without tony???? i can't see how it could be. i couldn't stand him being in jail and having a few cameos throughout the season. i look forward to every second he is on the screen.

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The Soprano's is the best thing he's done since almost smoking a bowl with Brad Pitt in True Romance.

He won't commit because he has no idea what offers might come up in the next year.

That's my take.

He'll eventually commit, or do a really cool movie where he plays a mob boss called Tiny Cipriano.

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