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Nineteen Days....

Im going home Donny

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Well folks, I'm nearing the official "freak out" stage of my writing here (effective March 1st). My MA thesis is due on the 18th and I am on the 3rd of three chapters. I now have white hairs on my head (just like they joke about when you start), and am trying to determine exactly how close to a nervous breakdown I'll have to stray in order to finish up on time.

I'm pretty certain I can get it done, but I'll likely drop off the map for the next few weeks, only to resurface much relieved and ready for intense celebration. Anyhow, I hope to see all on the other side, come BNB, Herbie, Fila Brazillia (check these guys out!) and all the rest of late-March madness.

Deep breath....

drop into the murky depths...

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