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Ahhh, the benefits of Marijauna


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This Saturday, March 16th, at the Comfort Zone

nero w/ the Groove Diggas, $5

This is a fundraiser for the Marijauna Party of Canada, which I'm sure we're mostly happy to support in one way or another. Plus, nero is just back from their east coast tour and they're playing really well. See you Saturdy.

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I really hope I can score a ride from London to this show...it would make my weekend sooooooooo perfect.

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i haven't seen nero in far too long and the guitarist from the groovediggaz helped make my labour day weekend among the best times ever.

I really hope i can hear them again...if they've improved as much as nero has in such a short time, i forsee possible euphoric times...seamless sets??

I hear the chameleon jam happening right now...

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