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Who's checking out the Burties next thursday(3.28.02)??

i'll be there with boogieknight and hopefully a load of you sanctuarians and some other partiers.

anyone in the area help this party destroy all before!

anyone looking to make a party happen from Ottawa, feel free to make the trip down...the next day is good friday...no school, possibly no work??

Just think...if you knew you'd only have a few more dates left with a band, wouldn't you wqant to just tear the roof off everywhere the crowd wanted to party?>

Just think...the possibilities of this show...nearly endless. Anyone think we could coax BNB to play reeeeeeealy late?mayhaps another dollar on the ticket to the management of the bar? i'd spend a good 10 bucks to see those dudes...or more if it were a killer long show.

Anyhoo...just a thought. I've got to meet more dudes from this messageboard before CT fest...why not make this a sanctuary party...as long as there's a strong ottawa contingent and someone with a banner, we may be able to get some advertising at the show(if we're allowed) by posting the banner somewhere...get someone with a digital camera and some tapers to put this one up for people to download...even though this isn't an event(a big one) we could turn it into one.

any takers on a good party>?

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I'm not going to miss this show in Guelph.

Last Thursday's show in Kitchener wacked me!

Guelph will be my last bnb show so I'm really going to make it count! I hope the Burts fucking destroy like in Kitchener.

I was a bit disappointed I didn't run into any new skankies at the Club Abstract show. Hopefully I meet some new friendly sanctuarians at this show. Canned Beats, Boogieknight, summer_rainbow, sarahbelle, I'll see all you guys! Who else will be there?

Krista, make sure to bring your ID this time! mad.gif" border="0

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giggles.. i think we must have gotten yelled at by every bouncer there that night..

even after krista left.. they werent too pleased when we took our shoes off to dance..

they are playing in toronto.. and depending on my cash flow i might go to peterborough smile.gif" border="0

i cant believe these are their last shows (wipes a tear)

peace and love.. see ya on thursday smile.gif" border="0

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Don't believe a word Schwa says. He is full of shit. I'm actually quite a drag to be around. I'll bring you to the show with me if you really want though! Where is 'hometown'?

Just joking, this will be me at the show on Thursday:

(except I won't have any drumsticks)


btw, sativa, I know that you are actually schwa. what a dweeb you are with two names! haha

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Dood.. Club abstract sucks my ass. They were mean and rude. Yeah.. Summer rainbow and I were dancin and they told us to put our shoes back on and WATCHED us while we did it. Then they swore at rachelle when Krista and I tried to sneak in.. and Krista yelled I Hope THIS COMES BACK TO YOU!! to the jack ass bouncer who wouldn't let her in!!

Ohh well.. here's to a few more shows with Burt that'll be much better then clun crap-stract.. ha ha ha. Guelph!

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Yeah, that sucks Sarah. They seemed rather jerky.

They didn't like when me and Blair were the only ones left in the bar and we were sliding baseball style on the empty dance floor and tackling each other and just carrying on like a couple of kids while they stood there and watched, waiting for us to get the heck out.

Prett funny!

SCHWA/ Sativa, what the hell are you talking 'bout up there?! confused.gif" border="0

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