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Shawn (Solargarlic)


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Is it this? (which is also killer)

9/15/00 Fleet Center, Boston, MA

Dark Star > Terrapin Station > The Other One Jam > Loser, Down the Road, West L.A. Fadeaway, Blackbird@bw/aj/bh, Looks Like Rain@bw/aj/bh, Dark Star Jam > Jamsk/aj/bh/mh > Drumz/Jam > Gasoline Alley > The Other One > Wharf Rat > Valley Road > Dark Star > Terrapin Station > Sugar Magnolia

E: Ripple@bw/mk/sk/aj/bh

Only "Gasoline Alley"

(Furthur 2000; Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers opened)

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I'm guessin:

bnb 09/15/00 - Comfort Zone - Toronto, Ont

I. Stop 28, L > The Bench, Johnny Latoque, Speedbump, Jack Lumber, Yellow Pants

II. Chevron, Permit Collector%, Torn and Frayed*, Funkin' Shoes#

E. Moonshine, Palace Moon

%First Time Played

*Rolling Stones

#Frankenstein tease

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here are two setlists for the archive man-

Burt Neilson Band


Horseshoe Tavern,

Toronto, Ontario

Source: AKG C-414B-ULS (card, -20dB pad on)-->Apogee Mini-Me-->PCM-M1


Transfer: DA-P1 (using master DAT)-->coax-->Midiman

Audiophile2496-->Soundforge v5.0-->Cd Wave v1.71-->FLAC frontend


Taped by: Martin A

Transferred & FLAC'd by: Karl L (timmytucker@primus.ca)

Disc#1 - Set #1

1. Jack Lumber (6:01)

2. Yellow Pants (10:07)

3. Down With The Sound (12:35)

4. Stagefright (5:03)

5. Palace Moon (7:10)

6. The Bench (4:30)

7. Just The Same (4:08)

8. Funkin' Shoes--> (13:05)

9. Frankenstein (7:06)

(total time: 69:49)

Disc#2 - Set #2

1. tuning/banter (1:14)

2. L--> (5:18)

3. Martian-->Jam--> (11:51)

4. L (9:33)

5. When I Let You Down (?) (6:03)

6. Permit Collector (14:13)

(total time: 48:14)


1. crowd/banter (0:39)

2. Were You Ever There At All (5:26)

3. Fresco Lopez (11:54)

4. In The Belly (6:37)


5. crowd/banter (0:27)

6. Waves (13:05)

(total time: 38:11)


d1t05 @ 3:56 - 4:21

A different source was used to patch a blank spot because of some careless

women pushing the

equipment over to put her drinks down which unplugged the Mini-me's power


The source used was AKG C1000S-->PCM-M1 @48KHz taped by Eric C.

It was transferred using a clone straight off the master DAT by Karl L using

the above set-up and patched together

using Soundforge.

BNB 3.5.03


Speedbump, Chevron, Bored Again, Yellow Pants, Annabanana> Waves, Lost & Lonely


Stage Fright, Fresco, Let Down, By The Door, Funkin' Shoes, Standing There

e: TV

My friend Dan has the Brantford setlist. I'll get it for you. Not sure what they played in Kingston, I guess you should ask Jeff. Thanks again man-

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