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Letter I just sent to the SCI Organization


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I'm tired of getting hosed by SCI for their high ticket prices. If your interested check out this letter I just sent the SCI organization. It will be interesting to see if this falls on deaf ears or not. And if you feel the same way I encourage you to send off a letter of your own.


Dear SCI Management,

I hope you will take a second or two to read my letter. First I will say that I am a very big fan of The String Cheese Incident, I've attended many shows from Red Rocks, to Vancouver, to Toronto (which is where I live). For me String Cheese Incident is the best thing going in music right now and I am always anxious for my next incident (please come back to Toronto soon). My beef is this, ticket sales!

I was very happy that SCI was offering an alternative to the ticket conglomerate, Ticket Master. I've always ordered my tickets through SCI Ticketing and have been relatively happy with the service, but I've noticed that I always seem to be paying a little more than I should be. Tuesday night (July 16th) at Darien Lake, was the straw that has broken the camels back for me. I discovered that for the same Pit tickets, I paid in the neighborhood of $14 more for my tickets than a friend who purchased his tickets from Ticket Master in Toronto. What is up with that? Another friend, purchased his ticket for $20usd in the parking lot. I'm a big believer in having a ticket before hand, but now my ticket was $72 Canadian, and he only had to pay approx $30cdn, and my friend who purchased through ticket master paid something like $58cdn. Why is my loyalty to the String Cheese organization costing me so much more money? I'd really hate to have to go back to using Ticket Master when there is an alternative option. I figure I've easily spent in excess of $100 extra, combined over various shows, than if I had used Ticket Master. I don't really want to be paying in excess of $10 more per ticket just to be able to not use Ticket Master. SCI tickets are already considerably more expensive than many other touring bands of similar fan base and venue size, but then to charge that much extra over what Ticket Master is charging, is absolutely rediculous. I know in my case this would have to do in part with the $16.50 shipping charge for International ticket orders, which is absolutely insane! I really hope something can be done to restore my faith in the SCI organization, and the way ticket sales are handled.

Although I really feel my beef should concern everyone in the SCI organization, if you feel that this is not your concern, please forward this email on to who you think should hear what I have to say. Thanks for your time.


Trevor McCartney

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Excellent letter!

When I was touring wi th the Dead, we had to provide international postage and such.

One phone call to GDTO and canadian were able to add $1 on the ticket price and GDTO took care of the rest.

Don't give up on your beef!

They seem to be quality people and I'm sure that when they realize the loophole they'll respond positively.

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Ticket prices are awfully hard for canadians, especially when you need to have secure shipping for 1 ticket. That is the killer. The only way around that is a willcall option, or pooling orders together.

Isn't that where the price was mainly jacked up from?

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