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Philosophy From a Deadhead 2002


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1. Existentialism is something a lot of us have lost from our more idealistic youth. The folks who seem to be enjoying the current OO ride the most are the ones who can just take all of this for the here and now, and realize that this is what it is today, that’s it, no more, no less. You can’t do anything about the past, and you don’t know what the future is going to bring.

2. Drugs. Used to heighten awareness and sensations there is/was some viability to drugs. Drugs killed Jerry and many others. Addiction is powerful and insidious. We need to understand the choices here, and do what it takes to be better people. When your decisions become someone else’s problem, trouble has arrived. When your actions affect no one but you, you deserve to do what ever you want.

3. In the late 60’s, people were looking for something better from society, arts, our country. We were mired in Viet Nam, and we had some pretty lame leadership. The whole movement that spawned the Dead came from an intellectual, very fed up cross section of people, and we were led by true visionaries and rebels like Kesey, and Ginsberg, and Neil Cassidy, etc. We need a lot of that now. We have lost our way again, and it isn’t hopeful we will get it back real soon. Lead by positive actions. Rebellion is good, but standing out on a street corner, stoned out, finger in the air is pretty far from the awareness and vibe that this culture was founded on. Helping those folks get it together, however, is.

4. The family. All of us have a common thread. There are lawyers, and doctors, and politicians and a complete cross section of people among us. We don’t all agree on many things except this music. Let’s hope that what is deep and enduring about the music strikes a chord in certain people, all of us, and that somehow that cohesion is powerful and enlightening again in this culture. The responsibility is on us though to overcome the stigmas against us, and to prove by our actions that this culture is more about an art form where thinking and depth supercedes hate and escapism, and that sensibility is carried over into our lives and interaction in the world.

5. Kindness, Awareness, Responsibility. Want to feel good? Want to be proud of who you are? Want to be a contributing citizen of a great country? The time is here again for us to make a statement by our actions. There are more people out there that listen to Gangsta Rap, Death Metal or even Mariah Carey, than the Grateful Dead. That is what we are faced with in 2002. It isn’t just about the music, never was. It is a choice.

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