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Godspeed You Black Emporer in Toronto


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man, both sides are arguably on the wrong on that one...it's just which one to you is useing excuses and which one has explanations.

i don't think it's at all an issue of anything more than political situation with those guys.

i can understand both sides of the situation, it's just the more barbaric methods are used by those that feel they have to resort to it.

not to make this a political thread...but it definitely will be interesting. post rock bands always give me a way more vivid soundscape than the average groovy jamband. these guys will take you somewhere else. i saw explosions in the sky, blurtonia, and trail of the dead in london this year and was absolutely blown away. fantastic sounds and interaction...it made me feel like i was in a park on a sunny summer day watching clouds...ytou know that fantastic euphoric feeling you had when you were a kid just chilled out as much as you could be for a kid??

same deal.

post rock is awesome and wish more bands got into touring and jamming/set blending with other genres.

oh well...if i could have my way...

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