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video store quandry


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I don't have the time for my Top 5, but here's some great films that I can remember off the top of my head. Note: try to see these films in widescreen. Pan & Scanned movies are the scourge of film-making, and viewing for that matter:

The Fellowship Of The Ring ( Extended version )

The Ice Storm ( directed by Ang Lee )

Princess Mononoke ( animated masterpiece )

The Iron Giant ( another animated masterpiece )

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Office Space ( a great little comedy )

Swingers ( great fun )

A Simple Plan ( Sam Raimi at his best )

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hope I'm not too late!

I used to work at Queen Video (Toronto's #1 independent vid shop next to Suspect Video), so here were some of my golden staff picks:

FANTASTIC PLANET- friends and I had an epiphany watching this back in grade 10. It's a 70's animated psych flick that has a funky soundtrack that'll BLOW YOUR MIND. This movie changes lives. I actually know someone who keeps a copy of this under their bed if that says anything (no it's not anime porn).

THE KILLING- early b/w Kubrick flick. If you dig crime/thrillers in the vein of Usual Suspects, rent this. It's classic flawless Kubrick telling the perfect crime at its best!

HEAVYWEIGHTS- never judge a film by its cover. This was one of those Disney flicks that came and went real quick. Quick Synopsis: fat kids go to fat camp to feel good about each other, until a crazed health freak takes over to turn it into a weight loss info-mercial camp. What saves this flick is BEN STILLER who plays the crazed new camp owner!! Stiller had full control of the character and it shows 'cause he's fucking on the ball in every scene! If you dig early Stiller humor (i.e., the Ben Stiller Show on Fox, not like the sell out he is today) then rent this and pack it nice 'cause you'll be howling for more!!!

THE WICKER MAN- this is the horror film that ends all others. you've never seen anything like it, and you never will!

these are top quality recomendations! Those who know, will stand by me 10-fold. TRUST, and don't support Blackbuster, they suck!

If you happen to rent from Queen Video, they're the only shop that carries Mike Gordon's "Outside Out" on dvd.

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thanks again..keep em coming..i'm just getting back into watching movies (I've worn out my Simpsons and Larry Sanders tapes to the point of declaring them dependents on tax return) ... you guys are proving to be a great steering committee...i will soon post a compilation of all the titles that have been suggested to me via this message borad and my other email friendlies...stay strong...Jim

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