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Gratefully Deadicated @ PJC


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what a fine evening

Rory spinnin a great show as ever

Esau you're a monster (hahaha, got your smokes buddy... you left them in your hasty 'deadheads on ice' exit)

was some walk-ins who're comin back next week for the vibe...

kudos Pepperjack's, Rory and good folk

Thursday's rock!


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Esau, are you alive?

Oh yeah and rareing to go!Got beer 4 in me already,bowlin up a storm.

Thanks Paisley,was wonderin where they got to.

Got quite intoxicated last night I hear,even cut off at the bar,wow!

I guess the jager/flamin sambuca's/rye/50/perks/herb combo really works for memory loss,on to a new combo.

Swimmin' in beer

Esau13 [Razz]

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