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has anyone seen or heard of this before? crazy.


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Looney Tunes Merrie Melodies: The Unreleased

Format: 4 Compact Discs

Label: No Bozos Records - 3M0101

Source: Various (see notes)



Disc 1

Black Star 5:10

All That I Need 3:59

Sleepless Nights 4:21

Believe Me 3:56

Last Child 2:45

Live For The Music 3:08

The Rover 4:18

Sweet Emotion 5:39

Walk This Way 3:23

Still Alive And Well 2:15

Twist And Shout 2:17

30 Days In The Hole 2:32

Instrumental Jam 1:36

Eyes Of The Night 4:21

I Wanna Be Your Lover 3:01

Wild Fire 1:22

(Here's) Just What You Wanted 2:52

No More Waiting 3:31

Young And Wild 2:03

Honolulu Baby 3:13

Don't Call Us, We'll Call You 3:08

Jean Genie 4:40

Running Time - 1:13:30

Disc 2

Voodoo Queen 3:34

Last Night 3:23

Get The Show On The Road 2:53

Babe Don't Leave Me Alone 2:58

Big Trouble 3:35

She's The Woman 3:02

Put Out The Lights 3:32

Bullet Head 2:30

Down In Flames 5:03

House Of Pain 3:42

Woman In Love 3:25

Rock Steady 5:38

Rock'n'Roll Hoochie Coo 7:23

La Grange 6:08

Walk Away 3:36

In For The Kill 5:25

(Bad Women) Peace Of Mind 3:48

Instrumental 3:40

Running Time - 1:13:15

Disc 3

Act Like It Hurts 3:31

Bright Lights, Big City 2:56

Lucille 2:57

Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers 2:38

79th And Sunset 1:49

Summertime Blues 3:40

Heartbreak Hotel 2:39

Instrumental 1:52

Growth 2:28

Wild Thing 5:05

Make It Last 3:31

Rock Candy 1:40

Superstition 2:56

It's Only Rock And Roll / Woman From Tokyo 1:56

Runnin' With The Devil 2:30

My Generation 2:18

Waiting For The Bus / All Right Now 5:53

Young Man Blues 3:56

Unchained 3:07

Rockin' In The Free World 4:19

Mississippi Queen 4:36

Finish What Ya Started 6:46

Running Time - 1:13:03

Disc 4

The Ocean 1:36

Communication Breakdown 1:57

Dazed And Confused 5:28

Don't Fight It 3:07

Crossroads 3:32

Goin' Down 4:13

"Fur Elise" 1:15

Eagles Fly 5:00

Drum Solo 1:57

Born On The Bayou 2:18

Outside Woman Blues 2:29

Time's A Waste 1:26

Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay 1:32

The Love 3:53

One Night 2:37

Someday 4:08

Amnesty Is Granted 4:42

Baby What You Want Me To Do 3:25

You Don't Have To Go 1:04

Love Walks In 5:16

Right Now 7:17

Spanish Fly 1:02

Best Of Both Worlds 4:31

Running Time - 1:13:45

Total Time for all 4 Discs: 4:53:38


Cover art is taken from the Red Vinyl promo Van Halen EP that was issued by Warner Bros. before the first Album came out. You can still see the hole in the middle where you would play the EP on a turntable.

The background image is of a purplish brick pattern. This pattern is evident through the packaging. The discs have this pattern in a reddish tone, and the liner notes have this pattern in a grayish tone.

The back cover reads:


This four CD set was compiled from hundreds of live and studio outtake recordings. The material was digitally transferred from the original master tapes or the lowest generation copies available. The transferred material was then cleaned up using Sonic Solutions NoNoise process which makes these CDs the best sounding of the type to date. It was produced solely for archival purposes. We can be found at various VH locations and gatherings throughout the Internet, and around the world. Just ask around while surfing. "The Unreleased" is a Shaggster production, in conjunction with No Bozos Records and 3M Productions. Special thanks goes out to Mav (the originator), EdHead "The HEADCOUNT Guy", Fletch, Rex Jackson, Gus "no faith" Compson, Corona, and Valerie "vavh" for showing up on the list from time to time. Last, and by no means least, extra thanks to the guys, Eddie, Alex, Michael, Dave, and Sammy, for creating all this fantastic music for us. Peace out.

Mixing and Mastering by Arvid at "5151",

Jan. - Mar. 1996

Production and Distribution by

The Big D

Graphic Design by Brad Starks

The "No Bozos" comes from a t-shirt design present on the RH:RN tour.

Each of the four discs are well labeled, with the Name, Volume Number and Track Listing. They also say "Made in Canada".

The liner notes are well done, frequently stating where a particular track was recorded and other notes about it, when known.

It was confirmed after these discs went to press that the first three tracks on Disc 1 are NOT Van Halen (although there are still some that believe it is). It was found out to be George Lynch's band (before Dokken?). The fact that this is not Van Halen was confirmed by the band themselves.

This four CD set was the creation of many people on the Van Halen Mailing List. It took about 10 months to get the discs pressed, during which time many people became fustrated with the process and made threats against the person in charge of getting them pressed. All was forgiven when the discs finally arrived.

The inital pressing was limited to 500 copies, but rumor has it that the CD pressing plant (or someone involved with the process) has been churning out more sets and that they can be found through "normal" channels. However, the price tag on them is said to be more than 5 times what everyone else paid!

"Arvid" has graciously put together the complete liner notes for this 4-disc set, and has expanded on some of the information.


Anyone think this looks rediculously insane? I'm on the download as we speak.


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really...i hope the sound is decent enough to make one cd of cool shtuff...

ya, i got the paul is dead info stuff from the 'hook, but was this posted there as well?

i saw this on sharing the groove...there was some 13 pages of comments, so i decided not to read them all...figured someone on here would know something about it...

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