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hey KW chicks!


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Someone left their pants at my house....and yes, i am THE MAN!

a pair of black jeans with big pockets in the front possibly left here prior to going to Tigger's place a couple of weeks ago.

they go to the first person who claims them not unlike the jacket giveaway last week. Congrats Becky on your new preppy-type fancy coat!

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why yes schwa, thanks so much for the new coat. it's preppiness will fit nicely into my princess collection. we'll see if it shall pass the true test of coats however... will it survive the craziness of a may 2-4 weekend at izzy's? fire smoke, dirt, spilled beer and lots & lots of give'rrrr??? only time will tell!

and time, by the way, is running out rapidly.... did i mention there are only

********* 28 AND 1/4 MORE DAYS!!!! *********

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