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dave-O's 1000th post


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Upon reaching this milestone, I have but one thought - Man, have I ever wasted a lot of time around here.

Actually here's a second thought, I use to work for the same company as Low Roller so maybe it was time well spent...

Cheers to the brothers Bouchard and the nero boys for introducing to me to all the people I consider my best friends. Here's to 1000 more!

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Guest Low Roller

If it wasn't for the Sanctuary I probably would've lost my sanity a long time ago.

C'mon Dave-O you would've loved the Mandatory Afternoon of Fun.

Welcome to the 1000 post club. Now hurry up and get your lazy ass up to 2000 posts.

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Nice one dave-O! I just realized this morning when I was at 1008 that I missed out on the joys of 1000. Ah well.. Actually I have made several hundred more than this but my account somehow got f'd up / deleted like a year ago and I started from scratch.

Does anyone remember a dude who used to be on this board named 'Sasquatch'?

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