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IT DVD!?!?!

Northern Wish

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Looks like Phish is going to release IT! The is a link to a call for pledges for the broadcast on PBS of the concert. The big news, is that if you read the benefits for sponsors there is to be "credit on all DVD's of The Phish Concert".


Men 18 to 49

Men 25 to 54

Adults 18 to 49

Adults 25 to 54

Isn't that basically everyone?

Remember that big camera boom near the stage, this is going to be stellar.

Whatever happened to the Cypress release that was rumored two years ago Trey?


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IT had MULTIPLE high definition cameras recording all the action, while the others were not recorded as well. I have been at each of the big festivals since 1996's Clifford Ball and that was recorded and so was Big Cypress, as well as the Went which had cameras, but not had as big a film crew or as professional type gear as IT had.

The film gear they had set up and the production which was obviously going on was pretty top notch.

Did you go to IT? The scene and the shows were smoking. If they can capture even a portion of that on DVD I would love to see it! Like I said - I have been to many of the festivals and some had better moments, but there were other pieces that IT blew away. Overall I would love to see any of the big festivals on DVD, but IT would be second only to a Cypress DVD.


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