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This Saturday in Montreal


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Hey all,

Thought I'd post this, since I have a sneaking suspician that this is gonna be a really, really good time. Hopefully we'll see some of you in Montreal this weekend.

nero will be taking part in The Garden Of Ease, a multi-media event taking place in Montreal on Saturday, May 1st. This will be an all night gallery showing/live music/dj’s/film/etc mélange of creativity held in a series of lofts, hosted by New Artist Collective www.newartistcollective.com , with nero playing from 9pm until midnight. New Artist Collective centres around a magazine that promotes artistic endeavors of all kinds, and it is run by some very proactive and talented people. These multi-media events serve as an outlet for artists involved in the collective while helping to fund other New Artist Collective projects. This is sure to be a unique and eye-opening experience in one of Canada’s greatest cities. Hope some of you can make it out for this one. Admission is free before midnight (with a $5 recommended donation), and $10 after midnight. Again, this is not a regular venue, it’s a commercial building, 353 Richmond at William, one block s/w of Guy and Notre Dame. You can click here for more info. http://newartistcollective.com/garden.jpg

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Since I heard about this gig I've been lusting after it. This sounds like an amazing night and I wish I could be there, the driving is just too much for me to do in a weekend. But if someone/body wanted to help a girl out with the driving who knows.

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I'm considering going to this, but it really depends on what shape I'll be in after Jomomma w/ Contact on Friday night.

Velvet: There's a minor typo in your post: the event (according to the flyer) is at 353 Richmond, not 553.



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