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Living in Hull - Recommendations?


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Man, everyone has a different story about living in Hull. Some people says it perfect and so much cheaper than O-Town. Still others say you get fucked over on your taxes if you're not careful. And others say just watch out for the "appliance rental fee" stuff, which means nothing to me.

So for anyone who lives there now can you recommend for or against? Is it worth being over the bridge? And will I need a crash course in Le Francais to be there? Any good neighbourhoods you would recommend?

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I haven't lived there, but we've been looking for something in that neck of the woods.

-- Appliances are not always included so some landlords and tenants opt to rent them.

-- Your personal taxes will be higher, but your rent should be lower.

-- Wakefield is pretty much Anglo territory, if you want to go that far.

-- Your supplemental health care coverage (through your employer) might be tied in to your provincial coverage (I'm not sure), which isn't the case in Ontario. However, you should still be able to receive medical treatment in Ontario once you get a Quebec health card.

-- Same deal for your auto insurance (according to my insurance agent). Some of the stuff that's currently handled by your private insurance will be covered by the Quebec government.

-- The Mercenary's experience: It takes divine intervention to convince Revenue Quebec to communicate with you in English. As reported to me by a CFO, you can encourage this process by submitting a written request in French.

-- If you own an incorporated company, the corporate tax breaks are pretty sweet.

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We moved to hull to save money when I was unemployed. I felt very iffy about the whole thing but was doing it out of necessity.

A year and half later, we're now talking about getting a house here. Quebec is pretty cool and you can live on the downlow for a while if you want to try it out. Keep an Ontario address handy for work, credit cards and bank stuff, and don't worry about your car unless you have to park on the street.

Ottawa is SOOOOO convenient when you have 4 different bridges to choose from. Ms.Hux and I are downtown Ottawa at work in under 15 minutes during morning traffic. We can visit davey boy and catphish by crossing 1 bridge in about 5 minutes. We're at 40 main in 7 or 8 minutes by using a different bridge. Westboro is another bridge and it's pretty damn convenient too.

I'm pushing EVERYONE to come to Hull. there are tons of places for rent and sale. I just walked across the street to the corner store for a little beer. That's probably the only downside. Convenience of beer.

Join us.

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