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Elements is the place to party! check this out!


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fat cats - may 1,

you all know about the fatties...and in that you know that they ROCK!

4, 5 (the 4th and 5th are open dates without live entertainment. if youwant a place to party with friends or come for a drink be forewarned that there's no live music these days. if you want your own place to party with freinds Elements is the place to do it)

> serena ryder - may 06 - a beautiful songwriter that will be sure to impress anyone that like a more intimate performance. Loads of soul with folk/blues/jazz/soul influences.

> Hypnotech 3/in support of living/(riderless) - May 07

Hypnotech3 - Tangerine Dream meets Eno. intense show! the Riderless are opening as well as In Support of Living. this will be a very interesting show indeed. Special times in London. Experimental/post rock nights are always fun.

> Contact/Mike Filipowitsch - may 08

that's right! Mike Filipowitsch and crew are going to be rocking out in support of House rockers contact at Elements. A fun night where friends will be around.

chris bray w. the away team 11,

Chris Bray is an up and coming singer songwriter from Rural Ontario.

Come see how Listowel's warped his fragile mind! The Away team features Gord McCready from the great disconnect and Irene May Lin Chu. good tunes done up!

Passenger - may 12

A Jim Slansky Creation, Passenger is a tight band with great songs and super jams. Come see what wisdom and experience brings out of this Guelph band.

> Grand Theft Bus - May 13

wow! now I could go on and on about what the bus makes me think or what great guys they are or how fun the time's going to be. Dennis is all better now so let's get out and show these boys a great time here at Elements.

> Mr. Something Something - May 14

How often do you see a great afro-funk band play around these parts?

Whether or not you can answer that it makes no difference as to the amount of fun these boys bring from Toronto. Deep rhythms and steady grooves. A beautiful weekend wrapped up with dancing.

17, your band here??

thesis, astronautilus - may 18,

thesis is a London based underground Hip Hopper that's got some amazing beats and a lot of integrity. Bound to be a packed house so show up early.

melissa mclelland - may 19

One of the many fine ladies of the Ladybord Sideshow. Melissa's coming to elements to have a great night where she can open up and show everyone her stuff. If you're able to make it out this is going to be a powerful night.

superstack may 20

These guys rock it so hard. A great band with soul and heart. Let's show them a great time.

> Red Shag Carpet - May 21

A cool band from Edmonton Alberta coming east. www.redshagcarpet.com

Paul Aitken quintet - original improvised music from one of my favourite guitar voices. A genuine pesonality and understanding. A great night of great jazz.

that one guy with mayor mcca - 23 may.

one man bands!!!! if you're not at CTMF it's worth the trip or walk to Elements. If your'e planning on catching only one night at Izzy's come to Elements on the Sunday. this is going to be a great time. A night like no other.

the fetish masquerade - may 25,

Industrial music from london. They share a sound guy with Sonic Youth.

i wouldn't lie about this. It's going to be a good time with nice, interesting people in the audience. It's just a matter of style.

guerilla funk monster - may 26,

Live groove from an up and coming band. Dont' be scared of a monster.

ublcf- my 27

Experimental sounds from Winnipeg. A night to remember!

> Screwtape, If Nothing, Tripchord,

Papa Fogals Chair - may 29

METAL! rock hard and get wasted. or just rock hard. either way there's going to be rocking and i dont' mean in your granny's chair.

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lookin pretty good! I've seen Melissa Mclelland before at an earth day thing here in burlington a few years back..her father happens to be "friends" and an associate of my dad....she has a wikked voice..very beautiful. Too bad that is during the week or I could make it out.

So does this mean you will not be at CTMF??????

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