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George Hunter

An internal CIA memo emphasizes the need for a drug that creates a state of "pure euphoria" and no letdown. From this springs Operation Midnight Climax, in which CIA brothels were set up in San Francisco, and their customers surreptitiously dosed with LSD by prostitutes. Operative George Hunter White observed reactions behind a two way mirror, purely in the interest of science.

Operation Midnight Climax was a spin-off of the CIA program MKULTRA , in which acid experiments were conducted at top universities including the Stanford Research Institute. Ken Kesey, and Robert Hunter ; icons of psychedelic culture, took their first acid trips during a Stanford experiment. Agents also dosed themselves and others with LSD, attempting to determine the drug's feasibility as a weapon in the spy game. The Telegraph HIll experiments were conducted on unsuspecting men from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. After a full decade of acid sex tests, the CIA pulled the plug on Operation Midnight Climax in 1965 and admitted the project was unethical. LSD was criminalized the following year.

Way to go George! If it wasn't for you there would probablly be no Jambands.ca

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you're a good man Stapes

watched a show about this a few months back... big scandal as one of the agents they dosed they drove over the edge by making him deny the whole program and when he said he was going to talk he ended up getting tossed out the 5th story window of a hotel on his way to talk which was called a suicide even though the angle of his drop was all wrong and everyone who knew the guy said he was fine, besides being upset about the lies

but in any case, cheers to that backfiring government experiment and long live the Grateful Dead!!

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Funny, I was just telling Backbacon about this........back in the late 50's my grandfather was looking for cure for his drinking.

He ended up going out west and the doctors out there gave him some LSD - they, at the time, were experimenting with this as a cure.

The doctors told my mom adn her family, they gave it to him and gave him and pen and paper and he sat down and wrote for 4 hours straight. Somehting like 45 pages is what he ended up with.

Wish they still used this method, I'd be an alcoholic starting yesterday ;)

Oh ya........kudos to George!!!!

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