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Who knew about the all-star mandolin show Sunday?


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I just read about it today in the spec.

An all-new edition of the Mandolins of the World concert series will debut this May 9, 2004, at Hamilton Place's Studio Theatre. While the first edition of the series paid homage to the east-European roots of the Shevchenko Musical Ensemble, the new edition of the series will turn its focus to the vast range of musical styles played on the mandolin in North America.

The all-star cast of artists will be headlined by the 40-piece Toronto Mandolin Orchestra, joined by domra virtuoso Tamara Volskaya as guest soloist for their fifth live performance together of Alexander Veprinsky's thrilling adaptation of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, for solo domra and mandolin orchestra.

Bluegrass, that quintessentially American form of "folk music in overdrive" will be well-represented in the new MOTW program by Toronto roots music sensations the Creaking Tree String Quartet, recently nominated for a JUNO award for their self-titled debut CD. The CTSQ incorporate a broad range of influences in their innovative and exciting original music, yet their roots in traditional bluegrass are never far removed from their imaginative excursions into "newgrass" fusion and improvisation. (Audio samples available at artists homepage - click the link above)

American folk, blues, gospel and swing will be presented by the Ken Whiteley Trio, featuring Joey Wright and Geogre Koller. Ken Whiteley has been a fixture of the Canadian roots music scene for decades. His deep appreciation and understanding of North American roots music is expressed in both his fiery mandolin picking as well as his passionate vocal stylings. Between them, the members of this newly-formed trio share a number of JUNO awards and nominations. (Audio samples available at artists homepage - click the link above)

Adding diversity and a great deal more Canadian content to the program will be Quebec-based quartet Matapat. Featuring mandolinist Gaston Bernard, Matapat are masters of French-Canadian folk music but are also adventurous innovators, expanding the boundaries of their Quebecois roots into modern and world music styles. The groups two CDs have garnered wide critical acclaim, as well nominations from the JUNO awards and the Canadian Independent Music Awards. (Audio samples available at artists homepage - click the link above)

Tickets for Mandolins of the World are $30 and are available at:

• Copps Coliseum Box Office in Hamilton, Ontario

• All Ticketmaster outlets

• On-line at www.ticketmaster.ca

• Charge by phone at 905-527-7666.

• Tickets can also be purchased by special arrangement directly from the office of the Shevchenko Musical Ensemble in Toronto (phone 416-533-2725 or email info-sme@bellnet.ca).

For information on Hamilton Place Studio Theatre and other Hamilton Place events, visit www.hecfi.on.ca.

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this looks really good! i'm going to be home and its at 3pm, so i'm gonna try to make it. my obligations may lie in mother's day activities however. its her day! we'll see. maybe if plans aren't already made i can get her to come with me! (i'm making it a surprise visit home)

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