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The REAL truth about Coventry & Phish breaking up.


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Phish isn't really breaking up.

At the end of the weekend, Ashton Kutcher is going to come on stage to let all 100,000 people at Coventry now that they have just been the victim of the biggest ever "Punk'd"

Oh man. It's going to be a whole 90 minute Punk'd special on MTV next month.


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i believe.

I saw him pull a couple of nasty pranks. A real good one was done on Matthew Perry. HE was at a 'dealer' looking at a car his friend was buying. Then the FBI busted in with guns making everyone get on the ground as this was a CHOP SHOP. When it came time to interview Perry, he was making chandler-style jokes. Then the agent told him to "Stop joking around. This isn't a joke".

Damn, that was funny.

Maybe it's just a prank on mike, jon, and page? He only pranks famous people. Wookies aren't famous.

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