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welcome home, we love you


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were expressions echoing the forests of La Verendry Park over the past week.

Huck and I returned last night from the Rainbow at Turtle Island, where about 700 people of all ages have been gathering in the north western part of Quebec since the end of July.

it was a magical experience once again

i met some beautiful, kind people

there were family there from France, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Africa, and plenty from the USA

Canadian family from BC, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario

lots of happy children

smiling faces

great music, talent shows and councils

i'll be making a pilgrimage yearly i think to the Quebec gathering

i miss it already

welcome home, we love you ::

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So Bones I guess for future reference I should go with more of a snivelling hippy look rather than the cock-of-the-walk is that it?

if that's your thing, sure

myself, i went as me!

and received many warm smiles, genuine hugs and love from the majority of folk who were there

i don't think it's about posing as someone else

be kind, and be yourself and the heady sex will follow ;)

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