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My computer is messed up. I have no virus and I run adware all the time. But my computer is controlled by ads i think. My homepage gets automatically set to about:blank. I try to get my email but it directs me to a search page and now on this site on peoples posts it allows me to click the words and then directs me to a search page again. Anyway i can fix this or anyone know of any programs that could fix this.



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I think we are in a bit of the same boat here... my roomate runs a sharing program called soulseek which i think may have originally caused the pop up program... but just since we got back from Coventry ive noticed that we can't click on any links from webpages... when i click a link that someone has put up on here it opens the next page but stays blank and doesnt move... any ideas?

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Try booting in Safe Mode with Networking support. If you still can't get to a site to download the hijack program, reboot in safe mode (w/o networking support).

You'll have to hit up your add/remove programs list (and registry entries if you're comfortable with that). Delete your cookies, temp files, and history from Internet Options.

This sh!t is hard to get rid of without using some sort of tool.

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