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veggie cocktail weiners....


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I am slightly curious-- when I am logged-in, I cannot access the burning man thread, and my last response was an idea of distributing veggie cocktail weiners... now I know that might be ridiculous, but, I have, with a friend, at the Dead show to be precise, given it serious thought!! Now if I have somehow offended, I would like to share my most sincere apologies... however, this will not refrain me from following my gut-instincts!! Guigsy, has given me his stamp of approval!

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yeah... see, thats the problems, when they're veggies, you gotta put a little more TLC into the whole thing... when its meat, you can just hack a bunch of sh!t up, throw it in a blender, form it, and squeeze it out of a tube type thing.

fu©k, i love meat!

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