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ABB @ meadowbrook in detroit


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hey look! it's karinannie! one of the bestest people i met at blair & mud's wedding! (me, pink shirt, got increasingly louder & drunker as the night progressed...heeheehee, ooops!)

anyway, thanks for making me kick the dirt here with this great sounding concert annoucement that i wish i could but can't attend (booo!:(), but it's nice to see you on the board! hope your summer is going by just dandy-like & all. :D you should come on up to CTMF at izzy's on labour day weekend, huge fun in store!

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man, it hurts that i'm going to miss this! i haven't seen the brothers in 2 years... and at meadowbrook! what a sweet venue.


gotta suck it up though. good things are on the horizon. give them a good chatham welcome for me... and please, oh please, i hope butch is wearin those spandex shorts!! hooooweeee!! heheheheh ;)

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I'm going to try my luck winning tix on the radio again. If that happens I'll be there, if not then I won't be making it with moe.down coming up so soon after. Bummer we missed you at the dead show but we had the kids and the weather wasn't co-operating too well. Say hi to James for us!

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