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Unconfirmed nero dates:


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I just checked jambase.com, here's what they have listed:

09-10 - Revolution Hall, Troy, NY (opening for Soulive)

09-17 - Le Swimming, Montreal, QC (New Shady Goove opening)

12-04 - Le Swimming, Montreal, QC

Nothing on neroland.com, but it looks good that a tour is in the works... Let's hope so...

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yeah! we've been wanting to play with nero for a long time and we've finally got some dates together...

besides sept 24 at Pepper Jack's, we'll be playing with them saturday, sept 25 at the 360 in toronto...

and if you'd like to see us in toronto before that, we're at the Rivoli on thursday sept 2

see you soon :)

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Hey Del - Maybe you oughta stay down this way for the week since the guy you rave about Xavier Rudd is at The Horseshoe the following Wednesday (09/29). Don't know anything about him myself, otherwise perhaps I'd rave about him too. But based on your solid good taste and recommendation, it is my intention to definitely check him out (unless of course I can't wrangle the night off work). Sure would be cool to share some frosty ones with ya!!

Oh yeah, and hopefully I'll hit up one or more nero dates while they're in this neck of the woods too ;) (not that I know of anything beyond PJC)

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