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You remind me of a young chap named Del who once upon a time publicly doubted the genius that is The Slip and would go on to eat his words... but I digress...

What was wrong with Red and White jerseys with player names on the back?

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My exchange with Booche:

Booche - I liked those jerseys, but Lynn forbade (?) me to get one. "It just looks like someone puked on the black jerseys. You can get one of the ones that don't have vomit on it."

Dave - Those jerseys were way too cluttered. Especially for throwbacks. And WTF, why would they wear them in the first game with everyone wearing bizarro numbers and no names on the back. I've never seen a hockey team with so many numbers in the 90s. Looked like a bunch of defensive linemen or something.

Booche - The defensive-lineman aspect was the best part!

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