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Wendell Studio Session 1990


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How is it I've never heard of this does anyone have it?



Wendell Studios

Boston, MA

******Do not encode to MP3 or any lossy format or sell this recording******

Source: Studio SDB > ??? > CD-R > EAC > CD-R > FLAC

This is the complete Wendell Studio sessions.

Set 1:

Dog Gone Dog

Uncle Pen

Suzie Greenberg

Suzie Greenberg (2nd attempt)


Alumni Blues

Take the A-Train

In a Mellow Tone


Mike's Song >

I Am Hydrogen >

Weekapaug Groove

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday >

Avenu Malkenu >

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday



Harry Hood


Runaway Jim

From the Pharmer's Almanac Vol. 6:

"Recorded in the summer of 1990 at Wendell Studios in Boston, MA. The band entered the studio soon after

the June 16, 1990 Townshend Family Park show, but elected not to release any of the recorded material.

Tapes of the sessions circulate lightly among fansl the first tape is more difficult to track down than

the second"

Much thanks to Sarah and Wayne for the discs!

Enjoy the music. Peace~ Bill DiPalma (DiPalma81@comcast.net)


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sound quality is good...

its just a relatively 'loose' performance.

i mean, i can totally see them listening to it after, saying 'no way in hell is anyone gonna be releasing this stuff...'

Its not bad per say, especially when you compare it to post-hiatus stuff...but for 90, i thought i was getting a glimpse into their early years mastery, but instead i got a glimpse into why they stayed away from the studio in those early years...

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