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The Silver Hearts will be making their Pepper Jack's debut this Saturday with Alive and Living...


The Silver Hearts, Alive and Living(Duo)

Saturday, September 18th

@ The Pepper Jack Cafe

38 King William, Hamilton

(905) 525-6666


The Silver Hearts are a Peterborough-based band formed in January of 2000. With amazing energy, poignant song writing and instrumentation unlike anything you've seen, The Silver Hearts have quickly become one of the most popular live bands in Ontario. A blend of accordion, fiddles, piano, brass, theremin and more, the music of the Silver Hearts evades description by modern genres.

A mixture of western roots, tin-pan-alley, blues and ragtime that has been described at various times as a "beer orchestra", "ghost town western music", "music for an Irish wake" and "a brothel blues orchestra", The Silver Hearts take forgotten music and reinvent it with a new sense of style and vitality.

Their accomplishments to date include:

A weekly gig at Peterborough's historic Montreal house, which is consistently packed.

Spectacular New Years Eve 2001 and 2002 shows with the Sadies, Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo, Bob Egan of Wilco and The Good Brothers.

They are the subject of three documentary films.

They have composed and performed an original score for accomplished playwright Josh Meissner's western Grim Miracle.

Opening the final show at the historic El Mocambo.

Featured act in Canadian Music Week, North by Northeast, Mariposa in the City, The Peterborough Folk Festival, Mariposa Folk Festival and Ottawa Bluesfest in 2002.

Shows in at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, The National Arts Center in Ottawa and a live recording for CBC radio at Harbourfront Center in Toronto.

Voted album of the year and performance of the year (at Harbourfront Centre) by CBC's Bandwidth.

The Silver Hearts are:

Mike Begin - Guitar, Dobro, Pedal and Lap Steel, Guitorgan

Wyatt Burton - Electric Guitars

Tiny Davis - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Charlie Glasspool - Piano, Trumpet, Vocals

Jay Peters - Percussion

Jesse Pilgrim - Theremin

Kelly Pineault - Accordion, Vocals

Tom Reader - Trombone, Vocals

Brian Sanderson - Sousaphone, Viola, Vocals

Patrick Walsh - Harmonica, Vocals



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everyone from Hamilton should definately check out this band, as the peterborough crowd will attest to... if you're a fan of Tom Waits sytle songs, jazz, blues, ragtime, or gospel you will thoroughly enjoy yourself

"... The Silver Hearts are Peterborough's finest ambassadors. The four-year-old, thirteen-member outfit is a loud, jubilant celebration of everything beautiful and strange.... First a fine point: Though the band may play with all the joy and enthusiasm of third graders, they are consummate musicians all.

They just happen to be lucky enough to have a harmonica, accordion, dobro, thremin, fiddle, musical saw, sousaphone, trumpet, trombone, banjo, piano, electrical and acoustic guitars, a lap and pedal steel to play with - as well as a guitorgan. The vaudevillian cacophony is as brilliant and planned as it is boisterous and exhuberant."

I'm planning on catching some Burt Neilson too to wish the Babsymudcocks well on their travels but will definately be catching this show too... its impossible not to have a good time at a Silver Hearts show!

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