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Re: Emergency Bluegrass Doc Screening in Ottawa!


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Greg Hemming made a post on another board, but I'm not sure if/when it'll be made here, so here goes:

Hey Folks...due to unfortunate family circumstances Ill be in Ottawa this week, possibly wednesday or thursday night..Ill find out soon, but I was hoping to bring my latest film "East Coast Breakdown" (a doc about Canadian Bluegrass Scene) to Ottawa this month anyway, but now that Im going through I was thinking about screening earlier..Last minute yo! So does anyone of any ideas for a venue, a band to open for...and a projector to borrow??? Last time we screened A heads tale at that cool little bar that you had to go upstairs for (eeeeek...name?) that place was super cool. ANy ideas? anyone have a projector?

Email me at greg@hitmedia if you can! cheers!


I suggested Cafe Dekcuf, or maybe Mavericks, or even the Rainbow. Anybody have any other likelies?



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