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A wicked Richard Thompson show!!!


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This is a great show from a really excellent musician!

Takes a bit to get used to the vocals maybe but he is just a treat!

I've had the luck to see Richie a few times now and he never fails to blow me away!


Scotish Rites Auditorium

Collingswood, NJ USA



Behind the board roc>core sound cards>optical out>M audio 24/96> Sound Forge 7.0> wav>flac

Great solo acoutic performance at this great old hall in southern New Jersey. The PA was not particularly

loud so I had to ride the mics hot. It's still a great listen fom a true MASTER!


Bathsheba Smiles

King Of Bohemia

Cooksferry Queen

A Love You can't Survive

Inside of The Outside

Alexander Graham Bell


Meet on The Ledge

For Shame of Doing Wrong

Daddy is a Mummy

Crawl Back

From Galway to Graceland

Wall of Death

One Door Opens

Vincent Black Lightning


Hokey Pokey

Ghost of You Walks



I Feel So Good


Opps, I Did It Again

Word Unspoken, Sight Unseen (aborted due to string break)

Sam Hall(during string change) AMAZING TO SEE!

Word Unspoken, Sight Unseen

I had help on the setlist. If there's anything wrong let me know and I'll correct the listing.


Here is the torrent.

p.s. I know this isn't the torrent forum, but some things are too good to be missed!


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Put him on a list with the likes of Dylan and Neil Young, McCartney/Lennon, whatever. His body of work is stunning. He is to the British roots-music tradition what Robbie Robertson or Garcia/Hunter are to the American roots-music tradition. And he's a modern songwriter as important and as worhty of investigation as Elvis Costello, Warren Zevon (RIP) or John Hiatt.

Don't even get me going on his guitar playing. Even if he'd never written a song in his life, he'd be in my Hall Of Fame just for his musicianship alone.

Mike F of BNB - this is the guy I was drooling to you about at CTMF last June. I don;t know you too well brother, but any guy with open-minded tastes leaning towards the likes of Wilco and the Band, and who can get into ferocious guitar playing will dig Richard Thompson. Check him out!


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Also a founding member of Fairport Convention, who are still going strong (although Richard Thompson left around 1970, methinks):


Look at all that hair!!

Led Zeppelin really liked these guys (and girl) - that's Sandy Denny, Fairport's lead singer, that you hear on "The Battle of Evermore". And the Thompson-fronted version of Fairport opened for Zep on one of their early American tours, too (maybe '69 or '70?).

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