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meggo, her friend and I made it out to see the 3rd set tonight... Pretty good stuff, real high energy... I'd definately check them out again... Good to see Bradm and Snelly out as well... Best part of the night - Maroosh! The 3 of us headed there after the show and Maroosh (the dude, not the place) was in fine form. The place was rockin', the music was playing, and the 2 girls ended up kissing Maroosh as well... Meggo's friend seemed pretty impressed. I was almost in tears laughing, people were up dancing on the counter and everything... Good times...

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okay let's see. we got there late as del mentioned, and much to our joy and happiness the music was still going, hooray! Mr. SS sounded great. got to have a little chatty chat with the band after, also very nice. "love the dissonance, man!" ::

maroosh WOWSERS! my favourite part was the custom song: "maroosh! maroosh! near the scotiabank!" soooooo much fun. kissing mr maroosh man himself was also exciting. the screaming and dancing on the counter: nothing short of fabooolus. ohmygoodness. thank you del for introducing the lovely tiffany and myself to the wacky and wonderful world that is maroosh.

thanks again otterwa you crazy town.

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Wow, that was the best show I've seen them do. The first last night was better than any of the four previous sets I'd seen them do, and then the second set blew that away.

They did three sets in all, each about an hour. I'm listening to the first set right now, and it sounds stellar; this may be the best recording I've made. I had the mics clamped to the bottom of the railing on the balcony (with the rest of the gear on a shelf, powered off a convenient wall outlet :) ), "peering" down onto the stage, and you can hear everything crystal-clear, and it's all placed in the stereo image.

The crowd was getting down pretty hard, too: the dance floor was full most of the night, and even a lot of the pool players on the balcony set aside their cues and paid attention from on high.

Del, Snelly, meggo: thanks for coming out; as always, shared joy is increased. (Was I introduced to Tiffany? I don't remember her, but I was a little messy by the time y'all showed up.)



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Was I introduced to Tiffany? I don't remember her, but I was a little messy by the time y'all showed up.

No, we warned her about you Brad! ;) Actually, I'm not sure, she was talking to the band when you came out after the show, long dark her, about meggo's size... Really nice girl... I guess she's doing her Masters in Science, and she cuts up cadavers...

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Last night was a pretty fun time. Good to see you Brad, Del and Meg. Some good dancing and good times. I see what you mean about the chant though.

Thanks alot Brad for a copy of the Ottawa Xavier Rudd show. It sounds really good. The background crowd noise is not all that bad.

What's Maroosh?

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Good to see the student has become the master. Keep spreading the Maroosh love Del. Everyone needs a little Maroosh in their life. Did you request the second song by any chance? You know the Disco track "Shawrma in The 21st Century"

Any east coasters in Ottawa, Maroosh is the only place you can find decent sweet sauce (east coast donair sauce) it's incredible. And there is nothing better on earth then Walking in there and being served before two cops that were there before you and not even having to tell them my order, cause they know it by heart...

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This just in:

Toronto's Afro-funk Boogie-shaking Unit, Mr. Something Something, will be hitting the East coast of Canada for the first time in October to promote their self-titled debut CD on World Records:

Oct 14th Le Swimming, Montreal

Oct 15th Studio 112, Saint John NB

Oct 16th The Attic, Halifax NS

Oct 17th The Danspace, Halifax NS (this will be an alcohol free dance frenzy for those not into the bar scene)

Oct 19th Wolfville NS, venue TBA

Oct 20th Chuggles, Antigonish NS

Oct 21st Macphails Taproom, Fredericton NB

Oct 22nd Brennan's, Charlottetown PEI

Oct 23rd Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield PQ

As well as the usual 7-piece dance-machine, Mr. Something Something will be featuring the sweet voices of Erin Smith and Janine Stoll as part of this special large band version tour contraption-NOT TO BE MISSED!!


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