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Now that's a new years party...


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The quaint farm house in Port Stanley was witness to a massacre on the night of December 31st, 2004. Several Zombies were found pacing the perimeter of the building well after dawn. The acid flowed like wine, and so did the wine.

I just got home.

The first lady really likes grey goose. ;)



Missed all those who we could't see. Next year one big skank throwdown. :)

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um, talk about most insane amount fun packed into a few days ever?!?!?! and i wasn't even on any drugs! haha

quote of the weekend: "i'm going to concentrate all of my skills into these slippers"

recipe for one molotov of a new year's weekend:

1 enormous farmhouse built in 1860 (farmhouse? more like farm mansion, geez! fricken gorgeous!)

20+ (who has brains to count, especially when no one stands still for more than five seconds ::) of the most fun people on earth

enough booze, savoury delicious food & other delectables to keep 20+ guests completely saturated for entire length of stay

dj double k & his block rockin' beats, accompanied by impressive selection of various musical instruments supplied by guests


a heaping dash of (what else?!) GIVE'R

oh, and of course, a few prom dresses and other costumes


-set farmhouse on sprawling acres dotted with trees and lined by a creek

-add new guests periodically over the course of the weekend

-fu©kin' put kevin bacon to shame with the level footlose cut ::

-rinse and repeat


okay, seriously, i can't even begin to imagine listing all of the fun that went down. so here are big ups to some of the major highlights:

- so sweetmarie arrives a day later than expected. a few minutes after she arrives, she says she has a surprise for us. gets loudmouth moi to round up the troops to the back door. outside there is a box at the bottom of the steps. marie tells me i have the honour of opening it. so, i lift off the decorative blanket and start to open the flaps. i peer inside and see what looks like a box of dressup clothes. suddenly the dressup clothes start to MOVE. in one swift and graceful motion, straight outta the movies, NONE OTHER THAN VIXEN HERSELF STANDS UP IN THE BOX WITH A DEMURE TA-DA!!!!

that's right!!!!!!!! vixen! simone! fresh off the plane from chico, california! she suddenly decided at the last minute to join us! how she & sweetmarie managed to keep this a secret is beyond me. absolutely my favourite part of the weekend. ::

- bike bowling. heeheehee. have babsy mudcock set empty plastic bottles up in various places throughout the garage (please note this is not limited to the floor). next, have contestants try & cram a too-small bike helmet on their noggin and then mount child size bike. contestants must then knock down all bottles without putting their feet on the floor. you get two tries. "the zeddy" is allowed (slowly drive bike up to majority of bottles, then purposely fall off the bike into them).

- the raffle. tickets: anything you can find (i.e. various bottlecaps, wads of kleenex, etc.). items to be raffled off: whatever is donated on the dining room raffle table. prizes include an old dirty construction hat, an autographed envelope of bacbackon's newly sheared bangs, fancy hats made from paper plates & magazines, strips of my tutu-skirt, the list goes on and on. (hey, did anyone ever win the raffle? ::)

- backbacon hiring steve from cleveland to be our personal assistant. highlights include his job interview (c/w snazzy cream coloured pants & matching dress shirt, avec tie fashioned from a plaid winter scarf and fancy new ponytail hairdo courtesy of juila), the "steveland from cleveland is hanging from the rafters" welcome song, steveland from cleveland actually hanging from the rafters, SFC attributing his success to his fancy grandma slippers(stolen from mud), i could go on and on. gad, what a great assistant. i especially liked his wardrobe, he brought more snazzy outfits with him than i did prom dresses!

- the daily/nightly/morningly dance parties in the giant dining room-cum-discotheque (roll up rugs. push tables to side. set up sterosystem brought by backbacon, incl. flashing disco lights. have guests dance and dance and dance & jam along to the music on various instruments throughout the room)

- zeddy making a fricken roast (and all the other amazing food to be found all weekend long!)

- the americans comparing their proudly displayed canadian wear all weekend long. awww, big high fives to all the americans that came up for the weekend! i was so happy to see all of you.

- a football team sized group sprawled over the entire living room watching movies.... awwwww, how cozy.

- refereeing sweetmarie & vixen playing a drinking game they made up. rules included having to act like an animal, sing songs and lady dance to them, slightly show a body part (OR remove an article of clothing), loudly yell a string of vulgarites in various accents, dash out of the room & kiss unsuspecting victims, moan members of the festivities names loudly, hahahaha

and last but certainly not least, getting to cap off 2004 and ring in 2005 with some of the very best people i've ever had the pleasure to meet. in thinking about it... this was probably the best new year's ever. especially the kiss at midnight part. ;) teehee.

THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO CAME! and blair & mud, huge thanks to you for arranging the rental on that beautiful house. what a great location. gad, what an incredible weekend....


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i have to say, that was the best new years i could have hoped for...and it all happenned in the 24 hours before when i recieved my freakin visa to wrok in teh states- finally!!! so, i could fly out of the country and plans were made in a whirlwind of giddy, excited craziness that allowed marie and i to get there for new years eve night to party with all of my favorite people from back home! first of all, i got to pop out of a box ( which i've always wanted to do) and suprise everyone ( i still can't believe that we pulled it off..i thought jeff knew for sure!) secondly, my renowned dance teacher Becky got to open me ( which was my request) and most importantly, i got to spend new years with some of the best people that i've ever known. it was so nice to hang out with people who know me really well and to catch up a lil' on what's been going on in our lives. it was so special to me to get to be there adn see everyone again. i don't think i coud'v been happier dancing in full costume ( sporitng mynew black-and-white stroped ballgown) with becky, marie and Jen ( all in puffy, bedazzling crinolin)or just chillin catching up with everyone. craig miranda, jay, and meagan, u guys were really missed- but good to hang out yesterday! meagan, when do you fly out?? we'll all have to get together somtime this week again.

good to also hang out with the yankees again ( i luv you guys!) and get to know some new faces as well - jen and all of teh others!

Marnie has some great bathtub, crinolin-spinning-crazy-group-shot photos that everyone should see. she can't put 'em up here casue of a lac of appropriate website...and they don't really go with the theme of her already existing one ( if you know what i mean :))

it's so great to be back adn what a party to come home too!

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