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only in whistler


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That's pretty funny! Where was that machine, Weezy?

To add to that, you may be familiar with the bumper stickers to support the Olympic bid. They had the Olympic rings, and said "I'm backing the bid."

Well, for several months, Whistler High School was sporting a nearly-identical sticker, with a pot-leaf instead of the rings that said, "I'm packing the bud." (It took months before anyone noticed and took it down.)

Gotta love this town...

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I must admit that I was not there, but I have two good excuses:

1. I had to be at a firm-related function in Squamish.

2. I actually would not have been there anyway, because I work at 8am every day. I find it frustrating that I miss most gigs in Whistler because bands usually play here during the week, don't start their shows until after 11pm. I just cant do that and function properly at work the next day.

(I'm old and lame, what can I say?)

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too bad you missed it stonedmtn, the boot was a packed madhouse... I actually had to be at work today as well (in Vancouver) at noon, after drinking til 5am in Whistler, sleeping 4 hours and then driving 2 hours home, showering, then rushing to work. me tired

It is too bad (for you) about the weekday band thing in Whistler, but it makes sense since the majority of the concert-goers are resort staff who can't party til Monday... hopefully next time.

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As a Whistlerite, I fully understand why the bands are here during the week. Apart from the resort staff being available to see the show, the bars here are packed with tourists every weekend without even trying. It just isn't in their interests to host gigs on weekends.

Unfortunately, though, it means that I only head out to see bands in this town once in a while, when it is someone really big that I won't be able to see otherwise; like Burning Spear or something.

(For instance, next Monday I get to miss Slammin' Jack. It's like a deja vu...)

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