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Path Metheny Group - Tickets For Sale


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It looks like I'm going to be away on February 18th so I've probably got two Pat Metheny Group tickets to sell if anyone's interested. They're in section ORCH7, Row G, Seats 85 & 86. The show is at the Hummingbird Centre. They cost me $150 for the pair. If you're interested send me a private message.

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Boy wonder

The graying wunderkind of modern jazz guitar, Pat Metheny (now 46) began teaching at Berklee as a teenager and has been on an unstoppable trajectory ever since. With unlimited chops, infinite adaptability, and complete commitment to any musical situation he finds himself in (his list of collaborators includes jazz gods like Ornette Coleman, Sonny Rollins, and Jim Hall as well as new guy Joshua Redman and avant-guitar hero Derek Bailey), Metheny's been a major voice in jazz virtually since the beginning of his career. His use of chorus effects and guitar synthesizer has extended the jazz six-string vocabulary (and don't forget his custom-made 42-string job), and he's also forged a unique compositional language: a blend of bebop tradition, Brazilian rhythms and melody, and the C&W roots of his native Missouri. Metheny's idea of "fusion" is like no one else's.

Last year was typical high-octane Metheny. In a new trio with bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Bill Stewart, he started with Trio 99/00, then embarked on a tour that yielded the double CD Trio/Live. The latter offers up all the Methenys. Pieces from the studio CD are extended (with a couple of tunes pushing the 20-minute mark). He demonstrates his ability to phrase eloquently at fast tempos on the standard "All the Things You Are," indulges his experimental guitar-skronk side on "Faith Healer," and slips into warped, jazz-damaged bluegrass on "Counting Texas." And somehow makes it all of a piece. Virtuosity never had it so good.

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These are real nice seats which is why they're $75. If I'm going to see the man, I wanted to see the man. Not that there's a bad seat at the Hummingbird Centre but I want to watch his fingers fly!

Thanks for the offer Steve; I'll let you know what happens. I've gotten some interest from a couple of people and I also just recently learned that I may be back in time for the show.

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