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Damaged tape recovery question


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I have in the past removed the tape from the case and put it in a new case,then fast forwarded it and rewound it,although this hasn't worked with all it has with some.Then I transfer it to CDR,seems they don't last too long after they have been wet.

Have you tried to play it yet?

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Nah, been too busy trying to deal with all the other shite involved with 60,000 gallons of water surging through three furnished rooms...

I think the tapes are being tackled today. We'll give that a go. Its going to be a bitch. There are some pretty priceless tapes that I'm sure will never be found again.

My personal fav is a 72 Santana/Buddy Miles. I think I'm going to cry just thinking about it.

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Well,good luck with the clean up

I do alot of transfering from cassette to CDR,if they are playable that may be the best option for preserving them,even if they have a touch of a "wobble" in them now & then,I'd say get them out of the cases and open any that have obvious water inside them,somtimes this involves carefully cracking the case open,which sadly also ruins the case.

Wish I could be of more help here but its hard to tell via the internet.

May I ask what happened that 60,000 gallons of water surged through your home?

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damn huh? sorry to hear it Jay, pass my sympathies along to Kayte for me... lousy time of the year for dealing with a flood... loosing valuables sucks anytime

hope you guys had a pretty good weekend in any case (a few friends from here headed out to visit you guys, I almost jumped on board but opted to stick in town)



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