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Joel Plaskett on The Rev's Attic, Hamilton 93.3FM


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Hey everybody

I didn't want to post about it until it was a done deal but, well, it's a done deal. I had a chance to speak to Joel Plaskett today, and we'll be airing the interview on my radio show, The Reverend's Attic, this Friday morning.

The show airs every Friday morning from 6-9am on CFMU 93.3FM in Hamilton, and can be heard on the web at http://cfmu.mcmaster.ca [click 'webcast', Winamp required]. Joel and I chatted about his recent tour with The Tragically Hip, his upcoming solo release and the recording process, how he will tour behind the next record, how he feels about his fans (and people in general) downloading music, who influences him to play guitar and write songs, and lots more. He even told me firsthand all about his infamous stunt with Thrush Hermit, wherein he and the band used their slot at Edgefest 1995 to play an entire set of Steve Miller Band covers. It's a story that many know, but I wanted to hear the facts from the man himself.

Anyway, if you're interested in what Joel has to say, tune in this Friday morning. Heck, you can call or e-mail us if you have a request. The format of the show is roots-rock and other roots musics, but we're way flexible. Shoot us an e-mail at theattic@spin45.net , or you can call us in the booth on Friday morning at (905) 528-9888.





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Thanks Pais

Bless the fine folks at MapleMusic, they not only hooked me up with the interview, but a track from Joel's upcoming record. As far as I know this is the broadcast premier of the track, called "Happen Now". Tune in, especially if you are planning to attend the Hamilton show Monday night, but don't have tickets yet...:D

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