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Tracklisting for Ween Shinola Vol. 1


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I heard they weren't releasing the tracklist for it, so here it is... I'm downloading it from OiNK right now, I'll try to get it burned and to people who want it, if my burner works, that is...

1. Tastes Good on th' Bun  (3:26)

2. Boys Club               (3:06)

3. I Fell in Love Today    (4:09)

4. Big Fat Fuck            (2:55)

5. Gabrielle               (3:29)

6. Did You See Me?         (5:11)

7. How High Can You Fly?   (2:39)

8. Transitions             (3:45)

9. Israel                  (3:40)

10. The Rift                (5:41)

11. Monique the Freak       (5:48)

12. Someday                 (3:45)

Total Playing Time: 47:39 (min:sec)

Sorry if people already knew the tracklist for it...

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I don't really dig the Ween... I like about 5 or 6 songs, but other than that, I can't say I'm into them... I'm always hoping to finally "get" this band, so when I saw it was available for download, I grabbed it... I can't say it impresses me all that much either... But I figure the Ottawa kids will appreciate getting a copy, so I'll hook them up and then delete it off my hard drive...

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Looking good!!

Hey Anyone else notice that the text on the ween.com news has been changed?

The following sentence was removed :: "We will be playing on both coasts, including a Halloween show in Las Vegas."

And this was added :: "We have a bunch of shows booked for October, I will be announcing them sometime later this week hopefully. We're probably talking about like 7 shows total."

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Well since I'm not a fan, I really couldn't care less about downloading it to check it out... If had liked it (which I didn't) I would have eventually bought it... Since I didn't I burned a copy for a friend who probably plans on buying it anyways, and deleted it off my harddrive... Just imagine if I had liked it? I might have went out and bought all of their albums in time... In which case it is so right to have done it...

Ween isn't going to suffer because I downloaded it, what really bothers me is hearing about people burning CanJam albums for their friends... THOSE bands are the LAST bands that should be ripped off...

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