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An Update on Phil


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On Tuesday Phil Lesh underwent surgery at Detroit, MI’s Henry Ford Hospital, a leading center for prostate cancer and urology health. According to a message on Lesh’s website, “his surgery went very well, although he did require blood transfusions.†Lesh is already out of the hospital and is said to be healing nicely. The Henry Ford Hospital is known for its Vattikuti Institute, which developed a robotic surgery method that treats patients from around the world. Lesh’s Unbroken Chain Foundation is also asking fans to donate blood this month for the bassist. From now through December 31, The Unbroken Chain Foundation will donate $10.00 to the Vattikuti Urology Institute for every pint donated. After you have donated, please send an email to donor@phillesh.net with the subject "I Gave Blood". Please include your name, blood bank name, city, and state.

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