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My New Years includes


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So I went to this indy rock house party (the River Shanty) where - well it was Kung- at an indy rock house party. I was pretty tame. The girls and boys were putting on their Bjork style face paint so I went with the Bo Jackson hash marks. Kind of a cool lo-fi band of Bjorksters in prom dresses (complete with tin foil snow flakes overhead) all in all a great visual in my then current headspace.

Then Karl from Tin (always forget the other bands) and this masked bandito played like glitchtronica with live sax. Very Albert Ayler- very cool. And they had sandwiches with BLUE BREAD. Like the bread was Blue! Quel trippy.

Then went up to Elliot Brood where I missed Emily Weedon who I wanted to see. Possibly the worst band in the history of all bands was playing. Christ almighty they need salvation. I don't know if the Brood brought it- sort of a dour scene there.

The Albion was only marginally funner. Then I just started wandering around the neighborhood and listening for parties which I promptly crashed. Bought some nice nugget from some Todd (name was not in fact Todd - reminded me of 'a Todd'). Some other party dude figures out I don't know anyone there but I think it was cause his girlfriend was digging on me ya know? So he politely showed me the door then I pulled an A-Team recon mission behind the back of the house and scrounged the rest of the meatheads beer which I proceeded to give out to random passerby's in what I thought was a very Robin Hood like gesture.

I mean who the fuck drinks Coors Lite?

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