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Super Dave Lauzon added to the bill with Wassabi March 9th


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Jared, run a Google search on pet-friendly accommodations. There are whole lists of places all over North America that allow pets, but you'd better check in advance. Usually, there'll be a small extra fee for Dazey, too.

I'd love to be at this show, especially with Dave now on the bill, but it's not gonna happen this time. (I sure do love Wassabi, though.)

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I brought my Border Collie into a room using a backpack. We didn't realize the place wasn't pet friendly till after check-in which was 4 a.m., 24 hours into a 36 hour drive. Anyways, turned out the room was RIGHT next to the front desk, so, we had to do what we had to do. He loved it... The next morning we walked him out in full tail-wagging pride style.

Edit to add: This is to show StoneMTN is right and it's good to check ahead.

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