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Sherwood Midnite Madness Tomorrow night! Wed 21st

Tungsten Gruvsten

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Hey KW/Guelph/Cambridge/Hamilton etc folks...

Don't really want to sound like a shill as I do work there - believe me I don't make any more money if lots gets sold or none...just less mess to clean up the next day!

Anyways, it's Wednesday 6pm-12midnight, only time of year both stores sell their rental stock, and there is tons of it. It's a bit of a zoo but worth it if 'best price' is your objective...

geetars, drums, keys, software, everything instrument related as well as P.A., mixers, monitors, used mic's, wireless etc etc.

Come say hi! Bring me a coffee! hehehe actually bring me a couple shots of whiskey...

yeah. it's gonna be crazy.


124 Ottawa St. South


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