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Friday, March 2 - A Band of Owls @ Now Lounge

Jay Funk Dawg

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There is a great little show this Friday (Mar2, 8pm) at the Now Lounge in Toronto.

"A Band of Owls" are a folk/rock/jam band - style

group from the east coast. Heathore is known for her riveting and soulful voice while Paul is known for his sweet double bass funk and charm. The two of them have an engaging presence and their energy and depth is inspiring. They are amazing musicians not to mention fun and down-to-earth folks.

They are coming through town to promote their new

album, "Of Wood and Water, Stars and Song"

Check them out at


(they also have a myspace page)

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Janine Stoll is also opening for them at 8:30 sharp. If she's not known to you, she's a stunning Toronto singer/songwriter who has also put in a fair bit of time with Mr. Something Something, The Erin Smith Band and The Ladybird Sideshow.

She's amazing to see/hear. According to her website, she'll be appearing as/with her band, "The Done Fors", which includes Paul (guitar) and Liam (bass) from Mr. Something Something (I recorded the three of them last year; the shows are available here), along with a drummer (Brian LaHaie) I don't know.

I don't (of) Band Of Owls, but if I was in Toronto, this would be a show I'd seriously consider checking out.



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