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Sound won't work on my PC.. *** UPDATED w/ PICS ***


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If there is no place for that cable to plug into on the Mboard then that board was probably just put into a case that had audio outputs on the front (which is why that probably didn't work in the first place). Have you checked the BIOS yet?

When the sound was working, the audio outputs at the front of the computer didn't work but the ones at the back did work.

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The thing is bouche, that place where you highlighted, it has sort of a casing. Its not just the pins sticking out. So I can't fit the cable in to that space.

Also there are 9 holes in the cable that I'm looking to plug into the motherboard. The holes go like this:


... .

And theres no space that I see on this motherboard with pins sticking out in that pattern.

take another perspective shot of the cable...

but as SSJ is suggesting, it may just be like your appendix.

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At that point everything looks ok, but..

I selected "Legacy Audio Drivers" and hit Properties. Then hit the "+" on Audio Devices, which reveals Audio for Realtek AC'97 Audio. I hit Properties on this and under the general tab there is the message "Status: Driver is enabled but has not been started".

Using the Hardware Update Wizard to update driver doesn't work.. I get the message that the wizard couldn't find a better match than the software that I have presently installed.

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SUCCESS!!!!! I needed to download a new driver for the Realtek AC'97 and that was it! Opening up my computer to find that audio cable just hanging around threw me for a huge loop. Thanks so much for your help 7SeasJim and Bouche!!!!!!!!! You guys are blinding beams of brilliance. The skanks always come through!

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