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Heading to London Eng >Normandy>St Malo>Paris in four days!


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Guest Low Roller

Depending how long you're in London you may as well do the standard Trafalagar Square > Hyde Park> Buckingham Palace walk.

Taking them to Oxford Street is probably a bad idea because they'll melt their parents' credit cards.

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I had the best falafel sandwich of my life in the Marais in Paris this summer.

Strange coincidence Dave-O as just this morning I was talking about this very place!

It's callled L'as du Fallafel, and here's some info on it: http://www.infoparis.com/all/present.php?rub=6&fi=1059

I wouldn't go all that way just for a falafel, though it is outstanding. I remember there were some pretty cool shops in and aroudn the Jewish area where this place is.

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