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Our DVD player pooped out this week. It starts freezing/skipping during playback of all burned dvd's, some music CD's and certain parts of bought DVD's.

I tried a cleaning, but it didn't work. So, I went out to replace it and got another open-box deal at the Future shop. It does up-conversion to HD resolutions (required), and has both HDMI and Component video outputs (also required). Now, I just discovered the awesome feature that I never had before. DivX and XviD playback! I'm just discovering how much content is out there in that format!

I've mostly shied away from that format because I could only play it on the PC, or I had to move it to the Laptop and hook it up to the tv. Now I can just burn and play! No Cables!

Currently, downloading the Dylan tribute from 1992 with George Harrison, Clapton, Neil F'n Young and more!

Anyone have any favourite DivX's or sites? I'm just browsing thepiratebay.org at the moment.

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most avi files downloaded from any torrent site are in divx/xvid format.... i have probably 200 movies or more downloaded in that format.......

i got a divx dvd player at christmas and it's great. good purchase!

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