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found: 1 Little Feat hat

snarfmaster C

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was just cleanin out the mighty whitey... gettin down and dirty with the vacuum and such, and found tucked behind the folded-down backseat a Little Feat cap. This must be from at *least* last summer, if not years earlier...

so, if you've been in the back seat of the mighty whitey and lost a cap a long while ago, be in touch and there might be a happy reunion in your future!

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we have a winner!

and in record time, too :o

well, i'm headed to toronto this week, so i can get it part of the way home for you :)

Right on, thanks C.

I know I won't be able to get to Toronto this week and I'm not sure who you could leave it with at the moment, but I'll see if I can find someone out that way to grab it from you. Again, thanks for posting you found it.


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If Caroline comes down to Peterborough this week, she can drop it off at my house and I can bring it with me to Steeltown on 4/20 for the NRPS show.

that plan works for me. Jesse I'll be headin to peterborough weds night or thursday. probably thursday.

Hey - if the weather's alright, wanna play a round or two thursday afternoon?

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