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Cool Picture We Took


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Not too bad....

hit some nice trout....

nothing big.....

but it was amazing smoking bongs in the fog fishing the Nanticoke Outflow.....the water temps, being a warm water outflow, were much warmer than the air temps, making for an eerie mist rising from the water.....mixing with the fog....

not to mention the floating icebergs ....

probably the most fun i've had this year on the water....even though the fishing wasn't amazing....

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Right on. I remember working at Ontario Hydro and seeing the guys fishing the outflows on their lunch breaks, although I don't think you were actually allowed to. Used to crack me up, but it was probally still better then my lunch break at the Jarvis hotel. LOL

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well, i dont have time to see as much music as i once did, so i've really lost track of what is going on in the 'scene'....getting my feet planted here at work was tough (but now that i'm almost a year in, things are easin' up)

however, i'll still try to contribute when i can, here and there.....

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